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Hours of Operation
Lunch and dinner hours, closed Sunday

Happy Hours:

Downtown San Jose, on First street, at Devine.

(408) 292-0291

Birthday Drink: Yes

Smoking: No

Piped, live in the beer garden.

Teske's is a classic German restarant and bar.  It features two dining rooms, a beer garden, and a full bar area.   The highlight of the year is sitting in the beer garden on a warm summer evening, when the "Internationals" are playing.  Be warned, though, get there early, as reservations are not accepted.

The main attraction is the restaurant, but they serve fine german lagers in the bar as well.  The selection is limited.

The beer prices are $4/half liter, which may be discounted during happy hours.

This is a reasonably quiet pub on most occasions.

The restrooms are average, but clean most of the time.

Last updated: 7/13/98

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The sign

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The awning

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The Bar(flys)