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Gordon Biersch

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Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat: 11:30 AM to Midnight
Sunday: 11:30 AM to 10 PM

Happy Hours: No

Downtown San Jose, between First and Second Streets on San Fernando.

(408) 294-6785

Birthday Beer: No

Smoking: NO

Live music in the beer garden

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Gordon Biersch is an upscale restaurant, masquerading as a Brewpub.  It has the best outdoor dining in the city.   What began as a single location in Palo Alto, has now expanded to include all kinds of yuppie destinations.

Regular draught beer prices are $3.75/Half liter.  All the beers are brewed on site (we think, but you can never tell, because they have a full scale brewery located nearby).  The half liter lined glasses are great, and make sure that you get a "full measure".

The Beer selection includes Pilsener, Marzen, and Dunkles.  Seasonal beers include Bock, wheat, Octoberfest, etc.

The food is varied, including some classic appetizers, such as garlic fries, and Satays.  The main course goes from yuppie style pizzas to pastas, to Thai specialties and seafood.  The beer bread is included.  Prices range from $8 for personal pizza to twice that for some of the entrees.

Reservations are recommended for outdoor dining in the evening.   Beer only service is not usually available outside. Order an appetizer.

The Loos are located inside, to the left of the bar, and are a real pain to get to when dining outside.

The noise level is OK, and not even that bad when they have live music.

Last updated: 2/6/99

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Entrance to the Beer Garden

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Lined Half Liter glassware

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Sue mixes beer and sunshine

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Brendan sulks due to no Birthday Beer.

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The bombed out decor is featured